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This website is supported by the efforts and donations of the members and the Alumni Association of Theta Sigma Tau. Donations are voluntary, of course, but most welcome. Donations support the annual cost of paying for the hosting of this website (~$100/year) and for various activities that the Alumni Association arranges. Examples include:

  • the commissioning, purchase, and distribution of a Challenge Coin for the fraternity
  • the purchase, modification, and presentation of a Parker Brother Monopoly game into a Tau-Opoly game for the House.
  • actively searching for and purchasing old Crimsons to expand the content of the Yearbook page (the Crimsons are then donated to the House).
  • active searches for other House memorabilia

The suggested annual donation for support of the website is $10/year.

Donors, or Contributing Members enjoy a couple of perks that are within our power to offer:

  • Email address @ThetaSigmaTau.org - we have the ability to host email accounts for contributing members or to set up email addresses that forward to another email address that the member has.
  • Musical profile - For contributing members, we offer them the opportunity to have a favorite audio file (music or whatever) placed on their personal information page.
  • Listed on this page - listed below as an active donor

Recent Donors to the Website - Contributing members whose donations are supporting current costs and efforts

Past Donors - Contributing members whose donations have supported costs and efforts in the past

Donations may be made by snail mail or PayPal:

  • Snail mail - make the check or money order out to "Peter Lenz" and mail it to:
    118 S. Wilson St.
    Fredonia, WI 53021
  • Paypal - commonly used by people on eBay, it may be used for a multitude of purposes other than eBay.
    Please note that Paypal charges the recipient a small percentage of the payment made. It would be helpful to bump your donation by a buck or two to cover this
    Use the following button to go to Paypal and make a donation.

While this is a non-profit organization (trust me, there has been no profit from any of this in the 22 or more years I've been doing this), we are not an official non-profit organization, donations are not tax-deductible.

From time to time situations have arisen in which members and alumni have donated money for a specific purpose. In order to give some form of credit to these generous people, we will list them here.

In the Spring of 2006 a group of alumni and actives began discussing and designing a Challenge Coin. For details, go to the afore linked page. We would like to thank those people who took part in the design of the coin:

When the initial order was placed for these coins, a number of alumni and actives chose to order extra coins that the actives and pledges for the Spring of 2006 would all receive a coin as a gift. A small number of other coins were allocated as gifts for advisors or to be placed upon memorial plaques for members that have died in the last 30 years. After the dust had settled, over 60 coins had been donated for various purposes by the following people:

Since that initial order was placed, others have donated coins, usually for the people in their particular family line (see the Family Trees page).

At the end of the spring 2003 semester, the house's letters had to be taken down from the outside of Mapes in order to permit Boldt Construction to do renovations to the building. Once down, it was obvious that the letters would not be able to be put back up: they were rotted and falling apart. Thus, the house needs to order new letters.

The house at the time was rather small, and the cost of special ordering letters, painting them, and having them erected might have been pretty rough on the house's treasury. The alumni association decided to take up a collection from alumni to help them defray the costs of the letters.

The following people generously donated to the purchase of these replacement letters:


Theta Sigma Tau Centennial - May 2, 2010 was the 100th birthday of our organization. The following active and alumni members donated money or services to fund reservations, ornamentation, and whatever other costs were generated by Centennial Reunion activities.


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